NetEnt and Microgaming (MGS) are the two names that crop up when talking about software providers for the online gambling (iGaming) industry. Between the two they offer online casino software and hundreds of casino games to online casino operators. To see a list of NetEnt casinos, click here


NetEnt vs Microgaming history

Both MGS and NetEnt had their origins in the 90s, it is well-known that MSG launched the first online casino in 1994 while NetEnt only began producing games around 2000. However both companies are ready, licensed and have their cof-fitness to provide software to Canadian casinos.

Whereas both companies have the same offering to online casino operators, there are vast differences in the philosophies and operating culture between NetEnt and MGS. Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses. MGS might have had their day in up to 2010 but who will take the industry forward today?

Comparing the slot games

As slots are the most popular online games, it makes sense to compare NetEnt and MGS from this viewpoint. As MGS have been in the game longer, they have over 500 video slot titles. NetEnt have around 200. The major distinction be the innovativeness and quality of the games.

In the last decade or so, NetEnt have been the squeaky new wheel on the block and have adopted a company culture of innovativeness and creativity. Technologically they have advanced their games in leaps and bounds and today offer the most evolved slot games on the market.

Collaboration with movie studios

In recent years both MGS and NetEnt have started collaboration with movie studios to bolster the content of their slot games and to tie in with major movie characters and themes. Both companies now offer unique slot games that tie into popular movie franchises.

Microgaming offer the Dark Knight, Terminator II and their Jurassic World series in this genre. NetEnt's offering in the movie genre include Planet of the Apes, Aliens and The Invisible Man. MGS have been in the game longer but NetEnt's games have innovative bonus features and crisp graphics.

What about music-themed slots

NetEnt have taken the high road in their online video slot game offerings in the music genre. They celebrated their 20 years of game innovation with their NEtEnt rocks trilogy of games which are the Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead and Guns N Roses slot games.

As far as the music genre goes, it seems that the conservative MGS game executives are stuck with dated karaoke slots and are hesitant to further venture into this slot game genre. It comes back to the culture of the company. NetEnt are not afraid to innovate into diverse themes.

What about technology?

MGS' focus as of recent has been to prepare their games to run on mobile devices. They have also created a game for a smartwatch. NetEnt have decided to focus on bringing their Live casino to mobile devices. Both providers seem to understand the value of mobile casinos.

Overall, it’s hard to say who is the winner is but it seems that NetEnt pips MGS to the post in terms of innovation and being on the forefront of game quality, both in terms of graphics and audio. Maybe MGS can change their company culture one day.